Alligator I-Link Cable Set 2007

Alligator  I-Link Cable Set  2007

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Brand: Alligator
Category: Cables - Brakes

Description: 50 percent lighter than conventional cables. INTERLINK alloy housing technology for precision. ULTRAGLIDE predex P.T.F.E. coated cables for linear response. Polymer liner for friction-free performance. Compatible for both brakes and gear. | | ? P.T.F.E. coated cables. | | ? Pre-stretched Slick cable. | | ? Enhance smooth shifting & braking by reducing friction | | ? Self-lubrication | | ? All weatherproofing

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" Smooth and Precise....but! "

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Reviewed on: 8th Aug 2008 from Singapore Singapore

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Good for weight weenies and performance driven riders, Bad for riders thats are very into fact not practical for M970 shifters to choose slurge on this upgrade!

I'm using it for my shifters...I like the smoothness and the one click go feel, perhaps my M970 shifters also contributes to its performance, Lightweight and cool looking cables and shortening of the alligator links are just a pull away!

The original cable burred to quickly...better install with care and do check...Stock alligator cables and finer than yr stock shims or even XTR cables...I dun where to find them...I'm be back to my XTR cables once these Bua yahs give up and use the links and chanting beads...

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