Manitou Swinger Coil SPV 6-Way 2007

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Brand: Manitou
Category: Rear Shocks

Description: No matter what kind of full suspension bike you ride, it will be more efficient, with better bump absorption, when fitted with a Swinger shock. Featuring SPV damping technology the Swinger 6-way allows the rider to set up a pedaling platform threshold, externally, via an air shock. Riders also have the ability to adjust how progressive their shock is with the 16-mm socket adjustment located on the reservoir, and for the upper-tier suspension mastermind, the Swinger Coil 6-Way throws in additional high and low speed compression adjustments. | | | Weight: 500 grams | Damping: SPV 6-Way | Adjustments: Preload, Rebound, SPV Platform Pressure, SPV Volume, Low Speed Compression, High Speed Compression | Damper Shaft: Steel | Bushings: Steel/Teflon | Eyelet Harware: 1-pc S.S. | Package: Piggy Back | Available Sizes: Eye to Eye X Shaft Travel = 190 X 50 (7.5" X 2.0"); 200 X 50 (7.875" X 2.0"); 215 X 63 (8.5" X 2.5"); 222 X 70 (8.75" X 2.75"); 230 X 70 (9.0" X 2.75"); 240 X 76 (9.5" X 3.0")


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