Minoura E-RDA-850D-LW / E-RDA-850R-LW 2006

Minoura  E-RDA-850D-LW / E-RDA-850R-LW  2006

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Brand: Minoura
Category: Stationary Cycling Trainers

Description: E-RDA-850D-LW / E-RDA-850R-LW | | Mid level rim drive trainer for every level. Great for road or MTB riders. | | Super stable wide splayed legs and steel frame. | | Heavy 850 gram machined flywheel provides a smooth and natural pedaling stroke. | | Fits 24" - 27"/700c wheels. | | Available with or without a remote shifter. | | SKU: 400-5600-00 (non-remote) / 400-5700-00 (remote) | Weight: 8.0 kgs (non-remote) / 8.2 kgs (remote)

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" nice trainer "

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Reviewed on: 30th Jul 2007 from Singapore

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For budget cyclist this is a good choice.
If you have more cash to chuck in then find a quiter trainer so you ca use it while watching TV and not to disturb the other people in the house. Especially when you want to cycle in the wee hours of the morning. hehehe

Very stable
Can be easily adjusted to different sized wheels through use of 5mm allen key

Quite noisy like a drill/vacuum cleaner when cycling even at the lowest resistance.
Had a hard time listening to the TV while on the trainer

Duration of product used
Not Sure

Bike Setup
Giant CFR with DA/Ultegra drivetrain

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none, first one

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