Cateye V3 2009

Cateye  V3  2009

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Brand: Cateye
Category: Cyclo Computers

Description: Redefining elegance and power. The latest 2.4GHz digital data transmission virtually eliminates interference and cross-talk, while the large screen simultaneously displays speed, cadence, heart rate and time information. | | The revolutionary patent pending sensor unit combines the speed and cadence sensors into one sleek, reliable piece that easily adjusts to most bikes. The FlexTight? bracket fits almost all stems and handlebars without tools. | | V3: The most elegant, powerful and reliable training partner you can ride with. Ride farther. Ride faster. Ride smarter. Ride V3. | | | | Functions: | | Current speed, cadence, heart rate | Average speed, cadence, heart rate | Maximum speed, cadence, heart rate | Calorie consumption | Countdown distance | Timer | Lap time, distance, average speed, number | Distance | Odometer | Total time, clock & date | | | | Features: | | Automatic 2nd bike sensor recognition | | | Interference/Cross-talk free 2.4GHz digital wireless technology (ID coded) | Wireless measurement of speed, cadence and heart rate | 4 heart rate zones | EL backlight | Tool-free integrated cadence/speed sensor | 3 lines, 4 readouts | FlexTight? | Programmable odometer | 14 files, 99 lap recording | File data review | Auto or manual start/stop | Pace arrow speed & heart rate | | | Specifications: | | Fits almost any handlebar or stem: 22-31.8mm | Fits almost any fork: 11-55mm | Batteries: CR2032 x 2 (1 each for head unit and sensor)

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" Good to see distance travelled , speed and HR together . P "

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Reviewed on: 15th Apr 2011 from Singapore

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Good entry level computer .

Can view all the parameters I am looking for . Distance , speed and HR

Using Cable tie to secure the sensors to the bike is stupid . The manufacturers should have come up with a more innovative and robust design .

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Less than 1 month

Bike Setup
Trek 4300 Disc

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