Topic: Stolen Bikes - Let the community help you look out.

Posted on: 21st Mar 2010 9:35 AM    Quote and Reply

Rare Vintage Aplinestar T26 stolen:
Place - Pasir Ris

-Bluish purple frame
-Specialized tyres
-WTB black seat
-GT black grip

Kind souls please help keep a lookout. Contact me at 98242825.
I am afraid I do not have a picture but frame is unique and similar to this.
Please click below link


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Posted on: 21st Mar 2010 10:19 PM    Quote and Reply

bro, that's a 'vintage' MTB! I used to oggle at it when it first appeared in bike shops...I remembered seeing it at Cheap John's...damn chio. Hope you'll get it back soon. I'll help to keep a look out for you. Not many of these arnd nowadays, I guessed. So easy to spot.

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Posted on: 22nd Mar 2010 9:29 PM    Quote and Reply

Thank you friend.
The alpinestar is a gift from my uncle, as he kept it for many years.
It has sentimental value, although I still have 2 more bikes.  

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Posted on: 8th Apr 2010 11:45 AM    Quote and Reply

Straits Times today. Must spank these chaps. I envision a whipping with old inner tubes.

Apr 8, 2010

Man nabbed for selling stolen bicycles

Suspect allegedly bought them from bike thief who targeted void decks


A MAN suspected of selling at least 60 stolen bicycles was caught by police near Bugis MRT station.

Investigations showed that the unemployed 52-year-old had bought the bikes from another man, who had stolen them from various neighbourhoods in the north-eastern part of Singapore.

He was driving a lorry carrying six bikes when he was arrested on Tuesday evening. The lorry and bicycles were seized.

The arrest comes in the wake of increased bicycle thefts over the last two years. The number of bicycles stolen last year totalled 1,074, a 59.1 per cent increase from the 675 which were stolen in 2008.

Anyone found guilty of assisting in the disposal of stolen property could be jailed up to five years and fined.

The 28-year-old man suspected of selling the bicycles to him was arrested earlier, and appeared in court last week.

The stealing spree began early last year at the void decks of Housing Board flats in Hougang, Serangoon and Sengkang. The thief sold them for about $20 to $30 each.

The 52-year-old suspect arrested on Tuesday allegedly sold the bikes at higher prices. It is believed he was not the only one buying the stolen bicycles from the same source.

Bicycle shop owners and cyclists interviewed said that the flea market at Sungei Road is a popular place to sell stolen bikes.

A bike normally priced at $1,000 can be sold for as little as $200 there, they added.

Bike shop owner Lilian Lee said that she has seen her customers' missing bikes at the market before.

'They sell the bikes cheaply because they want a quick turnaround. They don't care how much the bike is really worth,' she said.

The bike shop owners interviewed added that they do not buy second-hand bikes from walk-in customers, unless they are able to provide a receipt of purchase.

One shop owner, Mr Walton Seah, said that bike owners are now savvy and often send out e-mail messages to shops, asking them to look out for their stolen bikes.

He recalled an incident where a stolen bike was recovered this way - someone wheeled it into a bike shop, asking how much it was worth.

'There are people who come, asking us to value their bikes,' said Mr Seah. 'I avoid giving advice to these people.'

Others in the industry added that besides selling the bikes as they are, some dismantle them and sell their expensive parts, such as brakes and wheels, online or to bike shops.

The police advise bicycle owners to lock their bikes with a durable lock to prevent theft, and to make permanent identification marks on a bicycle to help facilitate recovery if it is reported stolen. 

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Posted on: 14th Aug 2010 12:11 AM    Quote and Reply

Got my Specialized Sirrus stolen from the ground floor of a HDB block in Bedok. Thief sawed through a metal D-Lock. Silver colour, XL frame, had a small bike computer and magnet attached to front wheel spoke.

The bike is pretty unique as I changed the front gears from the original 3 it came with to a larger set with only 2 gears. (But kept the original shifter, so shifter comes with 3 gears but the bike only has 2). LED lights at the back. Please be on the lookout and call me at 8318 7711 if you see it anywhere.

Pedals are also changed from stock, to a bulky pair of metallic pedals (no clips or fancy stuff). V Brakes both front and rear.


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Posted on: 8th Dec 2010 7:52 AM    Quote and Reply

Bicycle lost in Yishun(Polyclinic) Bicycle Stand .

Red/Black Polygon Shimano Bicycle .
Have a speedo on the bike handle .
Sleek tyre on a MTB .
Racer seat .

Do help to lookout /if found please contact @97862214 .

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Posted on: 1st Jan 2011 11:51 AM    Quote and Reply

HI GUYS , Im new here, just found this forum today cos i was looking for updates on the serial bike thief from Hougang /Kovan MRT. Some guy took 2 of my bikes in the space of 10 days. I thought lightning could not strike twice and certainly not in broad daylight in front of the MRT , with cameras etc etc. Anyway
Thankfully the police staged an ambush and 
they caught a culprit and when he is released from prison i shall be asking him politely for a refund.


I lost a Merida MattSport 2005 model, gun metal grey. Nice bike and havent seen any in Singapore

Then a Louis Garneau Casper XC - in white with black wheels,smaller frame with angled toptube, had that one only 5 days before it was stolen

Meantime am looking for cycling buddies around Kovan/Hougang area- im not that experiened but want to train up for the Bali Triathlon in June.
Guess I need to get a new bike first lol.



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Posted on: 15th Jan 2011 9:08 AM    Quote and Reply

yesterday my montain bike also, after i came back from work next day morning bike was gone!! through my bike not worth much S$400 (light weight with silver aluminium anti rust material)since brought it year 2004 seldom use, but last 4month also i just change my full wheel estimation cost me S$120 because of too old and never maintain but now lost!! using a expensive lock also can lost!!!from Chai Chee Avenue!! biker beware of pro theif in BEDOK/CHAI CHEE!!!!!  Do remeber to park your bike inside house if you can. because how much the expensive lock is, still does'nt work at all!!

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Posted on: 24th Jun 2011 10:40 PM    Quote and Reply

Red Urata Bicycle Stolen At Jurong Point Today

  • Venue : Green Metal Railings Outside Jurong Point (near to 7 Eleven)

  • Date: 24 June 2011 (Friday)

  • Time: 530pm to 8pm

  • Description: Urata Bicycle 26" Red Aluminium Body Bicycle with alarm installed on the front handle

Remarks: Police Report launched at Boon Lay 1010pm

Bikers and fellow Singaporeans who have information leading
to the source of stolen bicycle below will be gretaly appreciated.

Mobile: 90660350

Picture of my Urata bicycle:

I missed my bike////



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