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Posted on: 20th Feb 2013 8:57 AM    Quote and Reply

"Formerly posted by realmadridist:
"Formerly posted by kona-bros: Hi there,

How about Hup Leong Bicycle co. at blk 51 chin swee rd? Although focus on too many MTBs. "

have u tried it there b4 ? wad do u tink of it ?"

good reviews on Hup Leong from me. Gilbert is helpful, and walks the extra mile by asking what my core concerns/issues on the bike were, even when it is just a spoke replacement and wheel truing service.

but as usual, go any LBS with eyes open, and do abit of research on ur intended purchase before going... 

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Posted on: 15th Nov 2014 12:00 PM    Quote and Reply

Yip, I agree. I use Hup Leon and they are good. 

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