Topic: How often do you clean and lube your chain and gears?

Posted on: 12th Apr 2016 3:32 PM    Quote and Reply

"Formerly posted by ryancy: Btw got 2 time of lubricant. Wet and Dry. Which is more recommended?"

Given the current weather condition, I use dry lube. If the location you cycle ain't that dusty or kicks up a lot of dirt or grim, wet lube is fine too. Once the weather turns wetter, then I stick to wet lube full time.

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Posted on: 12th Apr 2016 8:29 PM    Quote and Reply

I only lube when I feel the performance drops or the drivetrain start to get noisy. If you ride enough and is very particular about efficiency you will know when the bike needs a new lube. 

If you want the best lube, you can use ceramic wax lube. It is like the steroid of all lube. Last only for one ride at peak performance but need to lube again the next ride to get the same peak performance again. 

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