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2k21 should have lost their NBA 2K Coins licensing

Since they had a shit ton of lines I work in November A, it happened. They likely automated a lot of it and basically had a whole database of NPC_Cutscene_035_Dialog_1 and Player_Cutscene_035_Dialog_2 and so on.You just plug all the listed lines to the database as a map linking player to voice line source. So if the player is speaking to Rubio, just search for Rubio in NPC_Cutscene_035_Dialog_1. There insane amounts of versions based on players. I'm sure someone listened to this at any stage, but probably not many people and the dude or woman that did hear it probably was just like"oh for sake. This is terrible but we got two months left to ship".

I can assure you that there was a bug somewhere that stated"[Cutscene][Dialog] Player dismisses Dion Waiters voiceline in Cutscene_035" and manufacturing looked at it and slapped a big ol' Priority 09 on it. Subsequently nobody else worked on it because it wasn't significant enough... and then it shipped.Sounds such as 50 Cent if he has shot in the jaw. I understood what this was going to be before I clicked.

There's probably 3 cover athletes this year, so zion may be one of them.Ben too likely since he had been in that trailer.I'm glad it's Lillard. He has blown up, is among the powerful and leagues most exciting players, and is in his prime. 2K can pace themselves, Zion and Luka are young and should have plenty of years to make a cover.NBA 2K21 current-gen trailer (NBA 2K20-PS4 remake)

I wonder if they are even gonna bother with a narrative considering there is two variations of the game this time around.I'm curious exactly what the commentators will say. How do you speak about a team when the former season has not actually finished yet?I think if Buy NBA 2K MT Coins was smart they'd push the launch back until December'ish. Get this season over. Ive always believed a mid December release right before Xmas and the NBA games on Xmas day made sense for their launch dates anyways.
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