Topic: Leaking Stout Fork

Posted on: 18th Jun 2018 1:59 AM    Quote and Reply

Hi Admin,

I would like to share one of my experience buying item here in Togoparts.com

Purchase a Stout Suspension Fork from the account user named : Ben White Cycles

last June 15 morning i come down to his place at Hougang 967 to collect the item

after paying he quickly go up to his unit. after a few minutes i notice that the lower part of the fork is leaking and i quickly 

send picture to the seller (Im still on his place) and even if i wipe it off the leaking still persist so i ask the seller to replace

another same unit 

but he says its a last unit. so after that he try to upsell me much more expensive fork or give me other fork that i dont need.

that night i give him an option that will get his 2nd hand Dart 2 fork and he will refund me the remaining amount and he 

agreed on that option. 

On the next day i keep on sending sms and whatsapp no respond. after that moment a received a reply from him that

theres other interested people to buy his Dart 2 fork that is posted at Carousell. after a few conversation he will then said

that he will be no longer refunding the item that i bought which he said that its Brand New and i know that its clearly states 

on his posting that 1 to 1 exchange for spoiled item or warranty atleast but i dont get none of them. Else he even block

from whatsapp and sms. I immediately feel that is trying run from his responsibilty which is not a good example when 

doing business.

One of his line " Its not my fault " 

I hope admin can do an action on this use kind of activity.

You can reach me via this account if you need more details.

Thank you.


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Posted on: 11th Jul 2018 5:28 PM    Quote and Reply

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Perhaps a little primitive, but doing away with the hydraulic is one problem less to face?

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