Topic: What's the nicest bike you would get if you can only park your bike in a shared area?

Posted on: 6th Nov 2018 10:45 PM    Quote and Reply

I'm staying at a condo - not a particularly nice one - and I don't have any place to store my bike indoors. I need to park it at a few designated bike parking areas at the condo. I notice all the bikes there are mostly pretty beat up looking. 

So with that being said, what's the nicest bike you would be willing to park there?
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Posted on: 7th Nov 2018 12:53 PM    Quote and Reply

I park my hybrid bike at the shared bike parking area. It my goto bike to just pickup to run errands nearby. Merida Crossway 20MD.

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Posted on: 7th Nov 2018 2:41 PM    Quote and Reply

I would pick an entry level HT with disc brakes like a Raleigh M20D? Grocery run fully loaded *and* raining won't fail like rim brakes and dats important with added weight haha

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Posted on: 20th Nov 2018 4:12 PM    Quote and Reply

Just steal one, paint it and you are good to go....that way if it gets stolen, it doesnt matter!

I'm kidding....stealing is bad!

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