Topic: [LOCAL NEWS] Government working with bike-sharing firms to curb rental bicycle growth

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This is an open discussion thread for the news [LOCAL NEWS] Government working with bike-sharing firms to curb rental bicycle growth

The sight of shared bikes in almost every corner of Singapore from bus-stops to refuse areas has prompted the Government to work with the bike-sharing companies – ofo, obike and mobike - to moderate the growth of their bicycle fleets. Today, there are around 29,000 to 30,000 shared bikes offered by the three companies.

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About time.  All government agencies, LTA, HDB, URA and also private buildings and residences need to evaluate and curb the menace that these bike-sharing companies have created.

Besides being a sore eye in the public where these bicycles are just left on any public spaces, I think it is equally a national threat.  I have seen these bicycles being parked besides public and private buildings, bus-stops, HDB void decks, five-foot ways, grass patch, in essence, any open space indiscrimately.

Without proper rules and regulation, these bicycles are creating public obstrution on public pathways which under LTA regulations, is an offence.  Also, with no designated docking areas, users use them at their convenience but inconvenient the rest of the public.

Lastly, as a determent to our national security, imagine if radicals get a hold of these bicycles and possibly made them into Improvise Explosive Devices (IED).  The catastrophy, damage and carnage should some threat like this to exist in the streets of Singapore is just devastating.

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