Topic: A good recomendation for flat pedals on a road bike

Posted on: 20th Feb 2016 8:44 PM    Quote and Reply

Hi there

I ride a road bike and decided (for now) to use flat pendals. Any recomendation from good experience of which brand / model? I am particularly interested in pedals with a good grip (does that make sense?).
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Posted on: 21st Feb 2016 1:35 PM    Quote and Reply

normally, for road bikes the pedals are small ( even for flat) or clipless , reason is to save weight and prevent less pedal strikes for cornering. but if u really dun care of this and no weight concious, then good to go for either wellgo magnesium or saint pedals (weighty).

if small pedals, quite a number:

wellgo M111, M142 M151, M232, M167 or can try xpedo ones

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Posted on: 21st Feb 2016 1:56 PM    Quote and Reply

I used to use those pedals with with teeth at the sides because they gripped on to the shoes and sandals well. When you pedal harder it won't slip easily.

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