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Posted on: 9th Oct 2015 1:41 AM    Quote and Reply

Hi, do anyone know any shop that sells e bike conversion kit?

Please don't give answer like

1) LTA doesn't approve.
- LTA doesn't approve anything that is above 200watts in power. There are dealer that sell below that

2) it more expensive to convert a bike than buying the whole set
- It cheaper as we already have the bike in the first place. An average set cost 400 to 500 dollar (plus shipping) , the whole set cost 1200 dollar. it 500 dollar difference.

3) it takes the joy out of riding
- Nope, it give the joy of building something and it bring new joy to riding.

All these answer are as good as not answering.

Hope there are people who able to give information that helps like minded people who like to DIY stuff.

thank you.
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