Topic: Strange but seems to be the truth?

Posted on: 18th May 2015 6:54 AM    Quote and Reply

Hi Everyone,

Some time back, there was this Bird Flu around the region. After a while, all domesticated poultry on Ubin Island was not allowed anymore.

Just read article that Crow is one bird immune to such Bird Flu. The Red Jungle Fowl is highly resistant (almost immune) to such Bird Flu.

Wonder why not breed Red Jungle Fowl instead (hybrid of Red Jungle Crow)? Otherwise cross breed Crow with Red Jungle Fowl. Do feel free to share your observations. Many thanks.

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The bird flew.

I was watching it perched on a fence, and then it flew. 

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Haha - I always thought bird flu was something that could be caught from prostitutes

As long as you stick to those chickens pumped full of growth hormones and antibiotics from kampung factory with highly resistant immune systems that are Govt approved, cannot get sick.?If you do get it s obviously from pest wild birds and Zey vill be shot along with kampung Ubin chickens

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