Topic: where can i upgrade my electric scooter?

Posted on: 16th Mar 2015 2:10 PM    Quote and Reply

Hi Everyone, i am at a loss, i am looking for a reliable workshop where i can modify / upgrade my electric scooter. my main intention is only to install an extra battery pack for reserve use as my newly purchased electric scooter can only cover a range of 30KM. 
i tried contacting the retail store that i purchased it from and they got no clue on where and how to do any upgrades and they do not even carry accessories. 

please help if you have any information.

thank you all!!   
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Posted on: 16th Mar 2015 2:41 PM    Quote and Reply

this isnt the right forum for ur electric wheels....this is where all the real pedal power with NO battery, and the ONLY power source is human FATs...

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