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EA confirmed shortly afterward in May a fresh Madden 21 coins game would be published later in the year (along with a brand new FIFA instalment). As a result of pandemic, a normal photoshoot of Lamar Jackson for the cover of the game was not possible. As such, the official photographer of the team provided photographs of the participant.

It had been confirmed that the match would release on August 28 for Xbox One PS4, and PC. EA verified that Madden NFL will be arriving to Stadia, making it the first Madden game to start on Google's cloud streaming platform. It was also announced that Madden NFL 21 will be available on Xbox collection X and PS5 .

EA confirmed that the sport would enable free upgrades for people who have it on PS4 or Xbox One to versions. However, EA placed restrictions in place and for redeeming the update. Following criticism to the decision, EA extended the window, stating that players could upgrade to next-gen variations at any time prior to the launch of Madden NFL 22 a year.

In May, it had been announced that Madden NFL 21 would be unveiled with a reveal trailer on June 1. However, shortly EA pushed the game's reveal due to the nationwide protests following the killing of George Floyd. The match was revealed in complete later in June. Because of Washington Redskins declaring that it would be changing its name to drop the team's controversial moniker, EA announced the team's latest logo and title could be removed out of Madden NFL 21 too, and would be replaced by a generic name and logo until new ones were finalized, which would subsequently be added into the game later.

EA confirmed that Madden NFL 21 would not feature cross platform multiplayer gameplay.

Instead of a skill button, skills are performed through the right analog tick. Skills strung together, including slides, jukes, spins, and barriers and can be done in combos. The ability stick is used for defending well, with cheap Mut 21 coins all pass rush moves and being on the right analog stick.
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