Topic: Bike tyre flat overnight after purchase from 2nd hand seller

Posted on: 15th Feb 2019 5:48 PM    Quote and Reply

Hi everyone. I just bought a cheap 2nd hand bike on Carousell yesterday. I met up with the seller, and as I have no knowledge of bicycles whatsoever, I just rode the bicycle for a bit to check whether it's working, and I rode less than 100m to my HDB block and parked it downstairs overnight. The next morning the back tire was completely flat. I locked the back wheel with the bike frame so it has to be the same wheel from yesterday.

So could it have been a scam (it's a faulty tyre to begin with), or are there any possible explanations for this, like let's say some neighborhood kid poked it with a pin? I'm a total bike noob so please bear with me and thanks in advance.
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Posted on: 16th Feb 2019 4:40 PM    Quote and Reply

Truth is as long as you did not park it within your own premises, the bike could be subjected to all forms of vandalism? Also it's not a faulty tire unless there is literally a tear on the sidewalls or along the threads of it? The tube has lost pressure either naturally (unlikely as it take more than one night to be completely flat) or it has a puncture (more likely)

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Posted on: 17th Feb 2019 11:35 AM    Quote and Reply

Why the need to scam u over a cheap bicycle?

this are not OFO, Obikes while which are FULL rubber.

Inner tubes do leak.. could be puncture, could be a leaky valve.. Just get it replace.. abt $10.

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