Topic: Singapore to LegoLand Malaysia...options?

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I have signed up for a training weekend (11th to 14th of August) in Malaysia at the training facility close to LegoLand (Johor). At present I'm struggling to work out how the heck to get there without knackering myself before and after the event. Options considered are:

1) Drop off at Tuas and cycle 15km to training location
2) Take a friends car across from Singapore to Malaysia and get dropped off at training location
3) Drop off at Woodlands and cylce 30km to training location

1) I've been told that cycling from Singapore to Malaysia via the Tuas checkpoint isn't allowed.
2) I've been told that the car has to be registered to you for tracking offences in Malaysia.
3) A bit of a long ride before a training weekend - plus I don't want to spend too long on Malaysian roads ;-)

Any hints, tips or offers of a lift would be very much appreciated. If someone is going/coming to/from Malaysia via Tuas on the dates I mentioned (Friday 11th & Monday 14th) then perhaps I can grab a lift and pay some of the costs.

Thanks in advance - Dave.
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How about checking up those Sg-JB Taxi at Queen Street?

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