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Posted on: 17th Jun 2013 6:04 PM    Quote and Reply

hi guys,
as you cycle between SG and MY, how do you go through check point? ie. Motor Bike lane or Car lane for both sides.
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Posted on: 17th Jun 2013 6:40 PM    Quote and Reply

Both Bike lane and Car lane. better take the car. or u risked getting burnt

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Posted on: 17th Jun 2013 8:34 PM    Quote and Reply

We were waved into two wheelers lanes at both sides.

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I passed there 4 times. What I usually did was.

- I cycled up from the car route and lift my bicycle up to crossover to the motorbike lane over the concrete blocks. The reason is that the motobike lane is linked to the BKE and we are not allow to cycle on BKE. 

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- then cycle through  the motobike check points. 

When I came back from malaysia, It is also the same.

The route from malaysia is not so straight forward.  If you use to drive there, It shouldn't be a problem. otherwise, you have to get to this junction from where you are to pass the check point from Malaysia side.

I am not sure whether you can take the car lane .

hope these help

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Posted on: 18th Jun 2013 6:31 PM    Quote and Reply

Motorcycle lanes at both customs. choose at not much vehicles timing. Be caution at the motorbikes exhaust pipes and dun kena at legs.

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