Topic: Full size bikes to Batam?

Posted on: 18th Dec 2012 4:57 PM    Quote and Reply

Hi all.

This may be an old topic, but is it possible to take a full size mountain bike to Batam? Before I was able to take a folding bike to the Harbourfront ferry.  But no mountain bikes allowed on the MRT.

I can ride my bike to the Tanah Merah ferry. So will I be able to get a ride from  Tanah Merah to Batam?  What about taking the mountain bike between Batam islands?

I think the mountain bike on a ferry from Changi Village to Pusat Serenti Pengerang (Malaysia) isn't a problem.

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Posted on: 19th Dec 2012 1:16 PM    Quote and Reply

No problem for a single bike.
Just play ~10sgd then at the batam port pay ~5000idr to the handler.

The only problem I have encountered is bringing alot of bikes.
There are limited bike bays according to the staff.
So we have to spread to several ferry services: batamfast, sindo, pacific etc

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Posted on: 19th Dec 2012 2:47 PM    Quote and Reply

Thanks for the post!

Yes, I will only bring 1 bike and a small backpack for this kind of trip - stay in a cheap hotels for a few days along the trip.

So it seems going from Tanah Merah to Batam isn't any problem, just pay some small fee like you said.

Sounds like the same is true for Changi Village to Pengerang.  It also sounds like going between Batam islands isn't a problem.

My mountain bike (tuned for the street)  is a lot faster and more comfortable than my folding bike - much rather bring that. 

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