Topic: CCK Cyclists group has emerged!

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Living healthier is bound to make you more energetic, more productive and happier. Cycle with us to the Healthy Living Festival this August and learn more about eating healthier, finding a healthy weight, getting into healthy activities and keeping a healthier home. Bring your family along and see you at our event.

This event is organised in conjunction with Healthy Living Festival (organised by CCK Z8 RC)

We will be cycling with our Special Guest

Mr Lawrence Wong
Minister for Culture, Community and Youth
Second Minister For Ministry of Communications and Information

Cycling Route (5km)
Around Pang Sua PCN...


1) Route may be subjected to change.
2) Please bring along some cash for incidental expenses such as food or emergency.

Bicycle Types: Roadie / MTB / Foldie
Average Speed: 15 kmh (sweeper and marker included)
Participation is free of charge.
Please turn up half an hour before the event starts.

Safety Rules
Wear a helmet.
Ensure your bicycle is equipped with functional head and rear lights.
Do not overtake the lead rider.
Do not listen to music or talk on the phone while riding.
Obey all traffic rules.

CCK Z8 RC does NOT accept liability for any accident, damage, theft, injury or illness to participants, or any other person, vehicle or property whatsoever.



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"Formerly posted by Xiaobai: Is this group still active? "

Thanks.  Sorry for the late reply.  Do check out our facebook http://www.facebook.com/cckcyclists or meetup http://www.meetup.com/cckcyclists for our cycling activities.


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If you are a strong cyclist and want to challenge yourself, join our CCK Cyclists Elite team.


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