Topic: New facebook group 'Bukit Panjang Riders' created

Posted on: 26th Aug 2018 12:58 AM    Quote and Reply

"Formerly posted by albatross: h ya, everytime ppl on this forum always asking , requesting, cho-ing other ppl whether are there rides avaialble or not, yet the requestors are always the ones that fly aeroplane. i have already smses invitition to  2 ppl from the west side threads for rides...yet NONE, i repeat NONE, even bother to reply to me, even a single "not tonight , i am busy " courtesy of turn down was not included...face it ,i feel  those living in the west side who requests rides always lack courtesy and backbone to go on rides with strangers...thats why we , who live in west side always no kaki"

hehe relac relac.

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