Thread is Sticky Topic: BT 101 - Advice for BT newbie?

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Yes pls carry on posting

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Posted on: 3rd Jul 2012 4:10 PM    Quote and Reply

^ ok. Always happy to help out.

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Last time I was at Ketam (weekday back in SG for couple days) I came flying round the corner - ready to hit lactate with maximum speed - principle of conservation of momentum to get up the hill and all that - came very close to taking out a bunch of school kids from the outward bound centre stood in the middle of the trail. Got seperated from their guide and completely lost.
At least they weren't rude about it, but they said they hadn't been warned that this was a MTB park and thought it was for hikers - I escorted them back to the road

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I am glad you did not encounter wild boar challenging you for territory

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