Topic: Godsend Bike Repair Kiosks in the Park Connector Networks

Posted on: 2nd Oct 2017 8:20 AM    Quote and Reply

Bike breakdowns are pretty detrimental to cyclists anywhere around the globe. While it’s common for a cyclist to carry an umbrella on a long journey, it’s not common for him to carry a bag of tools anticipating when his bike would break down. It simply sucks if you’re traveling at high speed through a desolate part and snap! something comes loose on your wheel, or your chain disentangles itself during a gear switch.

To remedy that, Shimano Singapore teamed up with NParks in 2015 and introduced bike repair stations on its Park Connector Networks (PCNs). These repair stations resemble a little of petrol kiosks; each station is equipped with tools such as Philip screwdrivers, allen keys, hex keys, socket wrenches, tyre levers, adjustable spanner and combi-wrench, and a foot-pump for both Schrader and Presta valves (road and mountain bikers – you’re covered!).


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