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Hey there!

I am new here as well as I am new to cycling. Currently I am trying to choose a good bike. My budget is $1000 what can you recommend? It should be covenient for everyday cycling around the city. I do no know much about bikes characteristics.

Thank you in advance!

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Do you prefer drop bars? Do you want to go fast or more particular on comfort? is the area where you intend to cycle hilly or bumpy in terrain?

just some of the questions you can answer to better narrow down your selection and choices. 

Hybrid bikes (i.e road bikes with straight bars) makes good starting point bikes. you can also consider getting a cheaper road bike with drop bars if you prefer drop bars as oppose to straight bars. 

A good starting bike in my opinion is a Polygon. Rodalink offers quite cheap prices for these bikes. mostly below 1K.

Do share more information so we can better assist you.

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As stated, it depend on what kind of terrains you ride on most of the time. I take it you ride on road/PCN most of the time.

I will choose road bike anytime because firstly, it is fun riding using drop bar, faster speed and usually lighter. I see no point getting a hybrid as it basically a road bike running on mountain bike gears and handle bar. And hybrid can be considered lousier version of cyclo cross bikes.

If you are thinking of going slightly off road but main integrity is still on road, then go ahead with cyclo cross bikes. It is basically a road bike with mountain bike wheels but way thinner. And speed is still there.

I recommend the brand Merida for starter budget. Their bikes are way cheaper and their bikes specifications are usually better for the price you pay compared to other major brands. (For example if you pay X amount for Merida, you get Shimano 105 gears, but the same X amount for other brands probably get youTiagra)

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