Topic: New Member and Bike advice (Trek FX)

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Hi everyone

This is my first ever post on this forum and my first step into the biking domain. I hope to be regular around here.

I have never owned a bike before and only recently started working. My office is about 7km away and so I thought of buying a bike to cycle everyday. I was initially looking at mountain bikes but after checking out the hybrids at trekonology, I decided to get a hybrid instead. 

Right now I have an offer for a 2011 Trek FX 7.3 (purchased in 2012). I have seen the bike and the condition seemed fine. After negotiating the buyer has agreed on 400 sgd for the bike. I feel extremely tempted to go ahead with the deal but I thought it may be a good idea to ask the community and experts. Like I said this would be my first bike, so any thoughts and suggestions would be much appreciated.

thanks !
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Good bike for what you'll be using. I am still using 7.2 2010 model but upgraded most parts already, left the frame original. Admit I'm not an expert in looking at bike condition but maybe abit more info like condition of the bike, how often used by the owner and the milage. Then maybe the experts here can give advice

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Posted on: 31st Aug 2015 12:45 AM    Quote and Reply

for commune its ok, . But 3 important points to check b4 buying: Frame integrity, tires wear condition & lastly, the correct frame size for your height.

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