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Posted on: 18th Jul 2015 10:59 AM    Quote and Reply

Hi everyone! New to these forums and want to get some advice from you guys. My wife and I have been renting the bikes at east coast pcn for quite some time and decided to get our own bikes since we have been cycling more often.

However, I don't have a clue on which brand of bike to get. Been reading online and appreciate if you guys could recommend a brand and model based on the following:

- hybrid bike
- sub 1000
- only cycling on east coast pcn
- cycling 1-2 / week

- rear child seat
- rear car mount for 2 bikes

Would also be good if I can get some shop recommendations. Have been to integrated riding and wheelers yard and I must say they have some nice bikes.


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Posted on: 19th Jul 2015 1:42 PM    Quote and Reply

Like what i always post on those topics that ask for bike recommendations. The real thing is ; your budget..

If yours in high.. can i recommend the trek fx series..
if yours is low; around 900 to 1000.. then its polygon or merida

U can also look at the market section.. nowadays alot of ppl selling hybrid. Can get a good brand 1 at a chesp price

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Posted on: 20th Jul 2015 5:16 PM    Quote and Reply

I've tried the GAMMAX F2 Hybrid, you'll be surprised at the parts on the bike and the way it handles. Comparable to TREK, Giant, Mongoose, and the likes. How much? $499. The frame is able to install a rear rack and child seat at the rear.

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Posted on: 28th Aug 2015 9:42 AM    Quote and Reply


What i think that a folding bike is also not bad.
Sometimes due to space constrain and to transport two bikes.
I do find some foldings which able to haf the child carriers too.

Perhaps u can try looking for Dahon, Tern, Brompton or mayb can also try Vert.

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