Topic: What is the best commuter bike?

Posted on: 27th Mar 2021 12:44 PM    Quote and Reply

Hello everyone,
I want to buy a bike for myself so I can cycle every afternoon to exercise. There are so many bicycles on the market right now, so I don't know which one to choose. I want to ask everyone to give me advice on which bicycles are best for commuting and cycling.
Thanks everyone.
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Posted on: 6th Apr 2021 2:51 PM    Quote and Reply

Depends on your riding style:
I used to have a Roadbike. But I am not comfortable riding on the road and prefer PCN and park connector. Sold my Roadbike and bought one hybrid 700c wheel bicycle with suspension. I enjoy riding on straight bar with more upright position. Roadbike is very much faster but the aero position gives me back pain.

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