Topic: Difficulty riding folding bikes

Posted on: 11th Oct 2020 10:34 PM    Quote and Reply

So I went to test out a few folding bikes today. I didn't expect the difficulty involved. I tried one with 16 inch wheels, and another with 20 inch wheels. I read that folding bikes, with their smaller wheels, will need getting used to - and I knew what that meant only after trying, as I found it that the bikes were very sensitive to slight motions on the handles. Best t I can accept that it will become better with time. What I found difficult to accept was that my arms felt tired although my test rides were just a few minutes. I found myself stretching out arms out  in an uncomfortable manner. I couldn't understand why. After thinking about it the whole day, I thought there were two possible reasons:

  1. The bikes had handleposts that were verical straight up, unlike conventional bikes that are slanted slightly towards the rider. This may be the reason why I had to stretch further out resulting in sore arms.

  2. The bikes had handle bars that were straight from left to right, instead of being slightly curved inward so that it is easier to grab the handles without stretching my arms.

I'd like to ask whether I could have done anything to make it easier? Adjust seat height? Handlebars height? 
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Posted on: 15th Oct 2020 10:36 PM    Quote and Reply

Most entries level foldies, comes with a height adjustable handlebar, meaning you can adjust to a height that is suitable for you. If there is none, then you will need to adjust your saddle height, fore or aft to suit you.

A straight handlebar is design for a sportier ride whereas a riser (slant) handlebars is more for a relax ride, hence you may not be used to it.

For small wheels the ride is typically more sensitive as compare to a full size bike, maybe you can get one with a fatter wheels likes 1.5 inch tyres or more 

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