Topic: What's the difference between 406 and 451 wheelset

Posted on: 23rd Mar 2015 3:24 AM    Quote and Reply

Hi,im intending to get the decaf 451 wheelset.is it good?
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Posted on: 23rd Mar 2015 10:38 PM    Quote and Reply

from the debate i saw on other forums regarding 451 wheelset, they are:

aerodynamic, gives more speed.
add extra 1 or 2 inches to the height
tubes not easily avialable from LBS here
few model of tyres can fit this rim (like 27.5 inch rims like that)

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Posted on: 23rd Mar 2015 11:49 PM    Quote and Reply

406 or 451? I would say its all up to individual preference. Faster or not is actually up to rider stamina. More comfort or more speed? A mere 2 inch difference wont really make alot difference. But difficulty to get spare tubes n tires for 451 will deter me to get it. Juz my 2 cents ...

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Posted on: 15th Apr 2015 2:00 PM    Quote and Reply

its up to you la

personally 406 has more variety of tires

but 1 set of wheels can only have 1 set of tires

anyway whatever floats your boat

a well engineered 406 wheel will always beat a not so well engineered 451 wheel any day

so I guess you all might as well spend for the wheelset

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