Topic: Dahon Mu Uno (where can i buy it?)

Posted on: 1st Jan 2015 8:00 PM    Quote and Reply

Hi everyone. 
Am new to cycling.
Just got myself a used Dahon Speed Uno 2 days ago and rided it the next day (admiralty, mandai, yishun, khatib resev., yishun, sembawang, admiralty). Enjoyed it sooooo much n only stopped because of rain. 
(Got sore butt that might take days to recover)

 I've a few questions, appreciate your advice:
1. Estimated cost to install a front brake on my bike?
2. Saw from the web, the newer model, Dahon Mu Uno has a front brake n looks way sexier. But i can't find any info about this model in SG. Where can I buy this model? 
I will cycle on PCN mostly, just need a simple foldie, not smaller than my current speed uno, fuss free, low maintenance, and most importantly, single speed.

Please let me know.

Thank you. 
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