Topic: any review Rockefeller 24 speed foldable bike?

Posted on: 13th Sep 2014 3:27 PM    Quote and Reply

for the price of $358 at Qoo10 with Alu frame, 24 speeds, full suspension and weight about 12kg+.
Sounds like a good deal?


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Posted on: 13th Sep 2014 4:34 PM    Quote and Reply

It's a $350 bike - I don't think it's a good deal

It is not Aluminium its low end none butted carbon steel you can tell by looking at the welds (which look like they've been done by school kids in a metal work class BTW)
No way is it 12Kg; going to be closer to 16 or 18 I would think - the MTB paratrooper rip off may possibly be over 20
I only counted 7 gears on the rear so its 21 speed
The rear linkage looks looks like its going to develop play very quick and move about laterally so it will ride like crap; either pogostick like or fully bottomed out depending on the rider weight (There are no adjustments on the shocks / forks)
The pivots look pressed in and riveted in so when they go the bike is scrap, 

Any sort of suspension on bikes in tha price range is a gimmick adding a lot of weight and no advantage - I wouldn't bother with it.

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Posted on: 17th Sep 2014 1:43 AM    Quote and Reply

crap bike , defnitely steel...if u on a budget around $400 , u can try ranger 26" MTB foldie ( get the hard tail one, the soft one sucks) If u have a bigger budget above $450 , go get a branded one like dahon or tern

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