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Hi totally new to bromptons and folding bikes. Thinking of getting a used brompton, but heard stories of certain shops only repairing bikes bought from them. Is diginexx like that in any way? As brompton parts are all proprietary, seems like for long term use and repair, i'd have to go back to them eventually i think. 

How would diginexx know or rather how would someone know whether a bike was origially purchased from diginexx?

Thanks for any replies. 
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to mine understanding the brompton bike bought from Migthy Velo which is current name has a plate on the frame with their company name. that is to identify where this bike comes from.

mainly there are many parts that have to be used back with Brompton parts only and of cost there are some other brands parts can be used on some areas only.

if you are talkinging about warranty, i believe is applied to 1st owner only. which many folding bikes are doing the same thing. many posting of 2nd hand bike folding added in warranty still vaild etc, it is good that you check with the shop.

just a sharing though 


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