Topic: Fox Talas 140 Front Fork returning Slowly - Help

Posted on: 12th Jun 2017 11:44 PM    Quote and Reply

Good evening,

Haven't rode my MTB for about 4 months cos of some injury. When I took it out last weekend and about to hit the trails, the front fork went down when I put my weight on it and returned very slowly after. Checked the pressure and it seems fine. I pumped it up to 120 psi and the effect remains. 

Does it mean that it is due for service?
Where can I bring it for service and usually how much does it cost?

Appreciate your thoughts and reply.
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Posted on: 13th Jun 2017 9:50 PM    Quote and Reply

Did u check the rebound knob located at either the left or right leg bottom? it may be switched to rebound too slow 

if its already checked ,Is your TALAS fork model manufactured before 2015? 

If so, u are out of luck as KHS and NEARLY ALL major LBS has stopped servicing Pre-2015 Talas models due to FOX has stopped manufacturing Pre-2015 damper models.

Best of luck in trying to find one. IMO, if it really needs servicing, i would get a newer fork or change to a rockshox pike one

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