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...you may wonder after all our hard work searching amongst the best of the best mechanics on the island, who deserves the title of “God”?

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god of west is undisputed, he is a good mech with qualifications(haha). What wins over is his positive attitude, happy go lucky and most importantly, friendliness & non biasness to all bikes (yes all BIKES!). No other competitors on the west can fight him 

God of East, IMO, i feel, should be a tie between L & T and Tiong HIn. but maybe L & T wins over?

God of northeast too...may have been a tie between The Cyclogy and Bacycle, but Bacycle wins over for best cleaniness (haha). 2nd runner up would be Bikenest (xD)

God of South, also undisputed.. from Revo. Champion cyclist with his own team. Can tell if your bike has problems with just only a 50m ride (yes down to the smallest detail).  Runner-up would be Bike culture (room for improvement), but nice friendliness and good attitude.

God of northwest , am not so familar with this guy..but judging from other reviewers, bike technics could be runner up


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It is so fun to know every region got a ultra professional, so no need to travel far to pamper my bike!

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Thanks for the info

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