Topic: Suggestions for a hybrid bike

Posted on: 30th Jan 2017 7:59 AM    Quote and Reply

I'm a newbie looking to buy a hybrid bike. I have read through the previous threads on this forum & looks like Polygon Heist & Gaint Escape seems to the favorite contenders at a $500 range. What are some good options if the budget is around $800? 

For now, I would be riding mostly over PCN. I'm looking to ride probably 3 times a week. I'm veering towards something which can ride faster and has a better seat for longer rides.
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Posted on: 30th Jan 2017 4:01 PM    Quote and Reply

giant escape 2 and above would be a better option. front suspension fork for non MTBs are just dead weight and extra maintenance. 

saddles are mostly psersonal and u can swap the stock one for a better one if needed

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Posted on: 5th Feb 2017 12:44 AM    Quote and Reply

Marin or Polygon Path? 

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Posted on: 13th Feb 2017 11:15 AM    Quote and Reply

For PCN riding, suggestion is a rigid fork bike with sufficient range of gearing so not too difficult when encountering slopes etc.
Most brands do make a bike in this genre:


GIANT - Escape
MERIDA - Speeder
CANYON - Roadlite
etc etc etc

Happy hunting! :)

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