Topic: Is Bicycles.sg legit?

Posted on: 10th Sep 2016 5:24 PM    Quote and Reply

I ordered a "road bike" from the site a few days ago. The payment method is cash on delivery so I keep my money if anything goes wrong. However I'm still a bit skeptical about the authenticity of the site :/

The bike I bought was a Eurobike XC550: http://bicycles.sg/shop/eurobike-xc550/

Now, I'm pretty new to road bikes but I'm pretty sure I haven't heard of the brand "Eurobike", isn't that an event in Europe? 😀 

I was looking at reviews on Google maps and got mixed reviews. The users with angmoh names all give 5 stars but those with local usernames complained about the poor customer service and shipping condition. 

I'm really afraid the bike won't be delivered in good condition and my $308 will fly away
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Posted on: 10th Sep 2016 7:46 PM    Quote and Reply

When in doubt don't buy.

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Posted on: 10th Sep 2016 10:57 PM    Quote and Reply

Looks OK for a $300 bike to me; I think that Bicycles.sg are somewhat legit heard of them before, most of the scam ones want cash up front to an Indonesian bank account. If it is COD you can always refuse when they turn up if it is a POS when you check it.

Brand wise all of those $300 bikes are just mass produced genric stuff with a few stickers slapped on. The marketing vid on their site is very very amusing:
- 26" Road bike with 700cc tires
- Light as possible road bike with steel frame at just 15kg (it is obviously hydroformed aluminium not steel)
- Wind cheating frame geometry with 8% drag saving (tested and verified in ah bengs wind tunnel with a dyson fan?)


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Posted on: 11th Sep 2016 1:55 PM    Quote and Reply

those are low budget lower than entry level bikes... catch phrases are to lure those ppl not really into bikes into purchase.. more suited for super market rides and very leisure rides..i would not say they are scammers but just some company which caters to the lower entry market.

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Posted on: 8th Jul 2017 7:24 PM    Quote and Reply

How long does it deliver to you? I just order it too,is the condition good? And does the processing take very long?

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