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Posted on: 10th Nov 2015 5:48 PM    Quote and Reply

Hi guys! I would love to hear some input from you all about buying my first bike. I have been eyeing hybrid bikes for a while now and used to own a MTB.

My budget is at 450, though I wouldn't mind anything cheaper. What I want from the bike is just that it is able to go long distances without causing too much problems. Comfort is not a big issue if I need to splurge more.

Is there any good hybrid for that price range? I have looked at Aleoca's hybrid 26" Crossbreed X5, but have seen WAY too much Aleoca bashing around here. Also looked at Urata's Hybrid, which is a little cheaper at 229.

I weigh 64 kg at 178 cm. Another concern I have is that the 26" Crossbreed X5 is too small for my height and weight? Is it that important?

The reason I have been looking at the less "pro" brands is that I'm worried about parking the nicer looking ones in the public, even for a short while.

I am looking forward to your thoughts on this and will provide any details about my consideration should you need more. Thanks! (:
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Posted on: 11th Nov 2015 4:51 PM    Quote and Reply

I have a friend who uses an Aleoca Crossbreed, and he's covered many thousands of KMs on it!
I guess the 'engine' is the most important component :)


But I suppose if we can afford it we all want more 'shiokness' in our rides. Where the Aleocas seem to fall short is in the overall riding experience, especially after some usage. Things squeak and rattle and generally the bike is still ride-able but not so fun to anymore :)

I am a big fan of hybrid bikes (stiff fork, 700C wheels) for recreational riding on some roads and PCN in Singapore. They lose the additional comfort of a front suspension, but gain in terms of lightness and pedaling efficiency. They generally do not have such aggressive (i.e. forward-leaning) geometry as typical road bikes do.
You may wish to consider the Giant Escape and Merida Speeder series of bikes. I believe the entry level models may be within your price range.
But please do go try them out for yourself before coming to any decision.

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Posted on: 21st Nov 2015 3:49 PM    Quote and Reply

I am a very big fan of hybrids. I can recommend Cheap John's in Sembawang, that is where we bought ours. 
You might want to have a look at these two which I'm selling: 

I rode the cannondale and I am extremely happy with it, I will buy something very similar in Europe when I get back. I used it on the road and PCNs mainly. I made 100 km round-island rides multiple times and I find that the straight handlebar and the general geometry offer a comfortable and sustainable riding position.

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