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Posted on: 5th Aug 2015 1:08 AM    Quote and Reply

Hi! I'm new to cycling and I've recently thought about riding as form of commuting to and from home and university, but I also foresee myself cycling to town instead of taking public transport. This may be common knowledge for seasoned riders, but that I am not, so does anyone know if there are bike storage facilities in town or other places in Singapore where riders can park with peace of mind with no fear of getting their bikes stolen? I understand this may come at subscription costs, but I don't mind - I'd rather pay to insure the safety of my bike rather than to consistently bet on the more expensive cost of the bike. 

I've read somewhere that Bike Boutique offers bicycle storage and shower facilities (which sound awesome!) but I'm not sure if its still around? I can't seem to find any information on the Internet about TBB.

Thanks for any other help offered! :)

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