Topic: V-Brake to Disk Brake Conversion Kit

Posted on: 7th Mar 2013 12:58 AM    Quote and Reply

Hi All,

Does anyone knows where to got hold of a V-Brake to Disk Brake Conversion Kit?
Or is there any Bike Shop that can do the conversion service

Please drop me an sms if u could help me out on this

Thanks in advance
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Hi Mac,

I believe you are asking if you can install Disk Brake on a non-discbrake frame.
My call is that don't bother. Get a new frame.

But if the frame means a little more to you and you would like to keep the frame, you can use one of these...


It's call DM-UNI.

THe idea is simple, makes your frame Disc ready in minutes. But things ain't that easy.

You can read more over at this thread


But again... I emphasized, use a disc brake frame is possible. Don't force something that isn't design for it. Pretty much applicable in everything.

Good luck in your find!


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been down that road

short answer ... forget it

the most difficult is the rear brake like the brother above mentioned (front brake can still buy a fork with disc mounts)

in the end i did 50/50 disc front and v-brakes rear

Rebound Center quoted almost $300 just to braze on the disc brake mounts on the rear and your frame seat stay or chain stay might not be able to withstand the stress either

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Posted on: 8th Mar 2013 12:29 AM    Quote and Reply

Hi guys,

Thx for the reply & I know that its easier just to change the frame but my frame meant alot to me

I know that I could use A2Z convetor or the one that u recomended but just wanna know if I could get me hand on it locally

Again, thx alot for the time to reply


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Posted on: 31st Aug 2015 6:04 PM    Quote and Reply

Hi Mac

you cant get it locally you have to buy online.....i've try it already ,now ive been using it since the first day....but in our local bike shop all of them will recommend buy new bike...

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