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Posted on: 16th Sep 2020 10:26 PM    Quote and Reply

Hi, I have ridden foldable and normal bikes for leisure but stopped for many years. While I should be able to balance quite well. I must say I am still a novice for bike. Wanted to do some leisure excercise on bike and need some help/advice so that I don''t make unncessary mistakes in my purchase. 

1) My budget is around $1K and I hope to include basic helmet, lghts, bottle holder, proper lockset and bell. Did I miss anything important?
2) I would like a road bike instead of hybrid. I read the gear group set should be min 14? Disk brake is better?
3) Aluminum frame and brand like Giant are good? 

I was trying to look at the market plae section but the adverts are mostly posted by individuals. I am not confident dealing with individual as I am clueless what to look out for.

For Bike Shop, either they don't list their bikes or prices, most are way beyond my budget or I just don''t get the right link. Frankly, I don't mind a pre-ownd bike from a reputable shop as it is for exercise. Can anyone please help to recommend something? Even if you know of a particular shop that does such matching/advice. If it is inconvenient to post, pm me will do. 

Thank you. 
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Posted on: 23rd Oct 2020 1:03 AM    Quote and Reply

Hello, seems like cyclist are not so active on forums uh?


I recently bought my first road bike from decathlon! as much as i want to support local bike shops, not many seem to carry a road bike that's on the lower end (<1k). i bought mine for 570! without accessories thou.


moreover i find it convenient & assuring that i can always bring my bicycle to decathlon for servicing. cause new uh, later kena carrot head by bike shop also dont know.

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Posted on: 22nd Nov 2020 7:34 PM    Quote and Reply

Giant Contend 3 is $950

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