Topic: Fatbike rim, with normal tires. Franken-Fat Bike Build

Posted on: 22nd Nov 2020 9:08 AM    Quote and Reply

This forum doesn't seem to be as active as before, but lets give it a shot anyway. 

Last year I refurbished my 17yr old SS On-One Gimp. I've stopped doing jumps and street riding, and now its mostly just a commuter bike with the occasional bunny hop over potholes for thrills. It used to run 3" Nokians and now I've settled for Hookworms. 

My next project for it is to sorta convert it into a franken-fat bike. My plan is to run fat bike rims with regular tires. Basically getting some 2.5 and above tires and stretching them over a 40mm rim. Yes, I know it will change the profile of the tire and alter the performance. As I mentioned it's for fun and looks, I no longer ride as hard as I used to.
Weight is not an issue, it's purely for aesthetics and fun. Clearance on the frame itself I think should be fine, the fork might be a bit of a squeeze. Might consider cheap DNM USD forks to replace my old but still functioning Marz EXR fork. Budget is probably as low as possible, will be either getting second hand or Chinese OEM parts. Currently, it is still running 26/24 wheel size, but I'm considering going back to 26/26. 

Any thoughts on this? 

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