Cyclist Awareness and Cycling Safety

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Malaysia orders doping test on its athletes for upcoming SEA Games CHARLESLEEPK 13th Apr 2015 7:05 PM by rbc1891
Commencal launched new downhill bike! CHARLESLEEPK None
NParks considering first-aid facility on Pulau Ubin for cyclists CHARLESLEEPK 10th Apr 2015 7:52 PM by rbc1891
Adidas launches new cycling jersey! CHARLESLEEPK 8th Apr 2015 4:44 AM by rbc1891
Singapore Cycling Federation confirms riders for the 28th SEA Games Cycling Team CHARLESLEEPK 8th Apr 2015 4:42 AM by rbc1891
BSX Insight - A gadget that can measure an athlete's lactate threshold! CHARLESLEEPK None
Cycle Asia Singapore 2015 is Postponed! CHARLESLEEPK 3rd Apr 2015 7:52 PM by rbc1891
Any issue with regular high cadence cycling? rbc1891 None
Volvo says "The best way to survive a crash is not to crash"! CHARLESLEEPK None
Pasir Ris becomes Third Town to have dedicated Cycling Path Network CHARLESLEEPK 2nd Apr 2015 9:42 AM by jhyun
Senior Citizens to cycle 800km and collect signatures to pay tribute to the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew CHARLESLEEPK None
Garmin theft and bike sabotages at Metasprint Duathlon 2015 C17H21NO4 31st Mar 2015 9:02 AM by vanznwj
Audi Sport Racing Bike revealed! CHARLESLEEPK 17th Mar 2015 6:47 PM by rbc1891
Local News: LTA appointed as coordinating agency for all cycling-related issues eyereese_99 None
Coming Soon: Clearer Rules for Motorised Bicycles and Personalised Mobility Devices CHARLESLEEPK 12th Mar 2015 9:14 PM by rbc1891
National Cyclist Vincent Ang's SEA Game worthy roadbike damaged in car accident. Shijielim 11th Mar 2015 4:14 PM by SnowCrash
Can we practice harmlessly cycling cadence above maximium heart rate? rbc1891 9th Mar 2015 7:23 PM by rbc1891
3 Tips to Treat Neck Pain From Cycling Rousan 3rd Mar 2015 4:43 AM by rbc1891
Long-distance bike ride on summer´╝îhow to protecting tire yishunbike 3rd Mar 2015 3:52 AM by rbc1891
Cyclist killed in Thailand crash shain 26th Feb 2015 6:13 AM by rbc1891
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