Folding, Mini-Velos, Commuter Bikes

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Brakes service/replacement for Dahon - West SG  Edit  Delete  Chalion None
Looking for Second Hand Dutch Bike  Edit  Delete  entengiu 9th Jul 2020 4:09 PM by pinelights
Brompton bikes in Singapore  Edit  Delete  fastvx 9th Jul 2020 9:24 AM by kent.paulo
Newbie getting a bike to exercise  Edit  Delete  archcherub 8th Jul 2020 9:59 AM by pinelights
Looking for folding bike servicing shop  Edit  Delete  samneway 6th Jul 2020 1:49 PM by noelnash
Tonino Lamborghini folding bike (18speed)
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essilor 5th Jul 2020 1:31 AM by ang.c.anthony
Commuter vs MTB on PCN  Edit  Delete  tkdee 15th Jun 2020 9:51 PM by tkdee
please recommend a single speed folding bike  Edit  Delete  reytave 2nd Jun 2020 8:28 AM by kent.paulo
Tyrell FX discussion
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terencetan1978 1st Jun 2020 1:39 AM by Vin08
Newbie with some foldie questions  Edit  Delete  onlinepasar 31st May 2020 9:33 PM by kona-bros
Where to get adult tricycle that ferry kids?
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eric_77s 29th May 2020 4:31 PM by jnwalter
Brompton Drop Chain  Edit  Delete  ER61517110 None
Travelo FS-S value for money or overpriced?  Edit  Delete  eddykoh 10th May 2020 3:46 PM by Olee123
Tern Verge X20  Edit  Delete  Rickson7 None
Need advice on Cassette Hub  Edit  Delete  thrutheframe 1st Apr 2020 1:08 PM by thrutheframe
Advice needed for hybrid bikes  Edit  Delete  Newbie S 23rd Mar 2020 4:48 PM by drywalldenver
Weird sound in my drivetrain but only in 4th-6th gear?  Edit  Delete  ralliart12 12th Mar 2020 10:22 PM by ralliart12
Which used model for sub $300?  Edit  Delete  CycleLobang None
Another foldie
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pisces134 25th Feb 2020 2:46 PM by rentalmurahmedan
Brooks Saddle  Edit  Delete  JcWawa None
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