Subject: Specialized Allez Sprint Comp or Tarmac Disc Sport/Disc Comp???

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Specialized Allez Sprint Comp or Tarmac Disc Sport/Disc Comp???

Posted on: 25th May 2019 3:08 PM    Quote and Reply

The Allez sprint is known to be very stiff and not the most comfortable on long rides. I have the Tarmac SL6 and it's very comfortable without sacrificing too much aero and speed

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Posted on: 3rd Apr 2019 1:25 PM        


I am on the look out for a new road bike and would apprciate some input. 

Currently I am trying to decide between the Specialized Allez Sprint Comp (alu) or the Tarmac Disc Sport (or Disc Comp).

First, Tarmac Disc Sport or Disc Comp!? There's a significant price difference between these two. The Disc Comp offers the Ultegra set and slightly different components, while the Disc Sport offters the 105 set. As to my knowledge, the 105 and Ultegra don't really differ much, mostly in weight. Thus said, I am not much of a weight weenie. But the black colour on the Disc comp is more to my liking...shallow..I know. Though I guess I could get used to the greyish/yellow from the Disc Sport. Is there any pro for forking out more and getting the Disc Comp over the Disc Sport? What else would speak for either bike?

Then, the Allez Sprint Comp is an alu bike with almost identical specs to the Tarmac Disc Sport. Also sporting the 105 set etc. What would speak for the Tarmac Disc Sport and what for the Allez Sprint Comp?? (It comes in black)

I'll use it on paved raods only. No races or so, just road training...speed etc. 

Looking foward to hearing fromyou guys and many thanks in advance.

Tiger M
3rd Apr 2019
From: Singapore
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