Subject: bike cleaning

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bike cleaning

Posted on: 3rd Aug 2020 4:34 PM    Quote and Reply

...or you can contact me and I'll do it for you. 

Same day turn around for booked in bikes. No +2 week wait like at bike shops right now.

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Posted on: 6th May 2019 9:43 AM    Quote and Reply

Yeah, it is very necessary to clean the bike regularly. I've tried with different cleaning ways and material, for example, silicone scrubber, sponge, and cloth. They are good enough to clean the bike.

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Posted on: 28th Dec 2017 12:51 PM    Quote and Reply

Cleanig bike once a weak is necessay every week. I think one should use water and foam to clean bike and also it is necessay to keep always your bike in shed.

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Posted on: 26th Dec 2017 11:47 AM    Quote and Reply

If there is no mud stuck in my bike, I will simply wipe out the dirt with cloth. I think the most important thing to keep my bike clean is to cleanse it at regular intervals. Sometime silicone sponges which have soft bristles can be helpful. 

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Posted on: 26th Apr 2013 1:17 PM    Quote and Reply

In general you need 2 things + whichever size brushes and rags that work:

Degreaser - to clean dirt from metal parts especially chain
Chain lubricant - to make the chain run smoothly

Typically degreaser also removes lubricant so the order is degrease, clean with rag, followed by lubricate, remove excess lubricant. For degreaser just get any cheap stuff that can clean metal for lubricant you may want to get more bike-specific stuff like Finish Line dry lube (or wet lube for muddy conditions).

I don't ride my bike very frequently and don't ride in dirty conditions, so I don't clean that much. Most of the time just wipe frame with damp cloth is enough and often don't even need to do that. If I need to clean chain, I use WD40 for degreaser (not that cheap but I don't clean often so it's ok) and some generic lubricant from hardware store.

If you are more meticulous (I am not), other cleaning includes:
- lubricant/grease for all moving parts including brakes, cables, derailleurs
- some bike wash for general cleaning of the bike (frame etc) that does not attack grease (therefore not degreaser)
- special tools like chain cleaning tool or grunge brush for better cleaning of chain
- removing chain or cassette or bottom bracket to clean

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Posted on: 25th Apr 2013 9:56 AM        

How do you clean your bike... and what are the things to get?
29th Jan 2013
From: Singapore
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