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Entry level

Posted on: 20th Oct 2018 10:33 PM    Quote and Reply

My budget is about 2xx-3xx but less than 400. Main usage should be leisure ride on PCN and also sometimes to other places maybe within 10-20km distance for eating and stuffs, definitely not gonna go into trails. Usage will be most likely weekends.

I don't mind topping up a little more if the scenario goes like an additional $50-100 means a superior upgrade in terms of the gears or whatever parts. If the upgrade is meaningless in this range, then I'll still stick with 3xx max.

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Posted on: 20th Oct 2018 10:07 PM    Quote and Reply

Hi, whatsw your budget and are you using for commuting/leisure ride or going onto trails?

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Posted on: 20th Oct 2018 4:00 PM        

Hi all, trying to get a cheapo budget entry hardtail for fun cycling, as cheap but as reliable and hopefully won't get stolen that easily if park outside with basic lock. Anyone knows if any shop still selling Raleigh m20d?

I also came across this Giant MTB in carousell, is it even authentic? I thought Giant don't make budget entry bikes like these?
20th Oct 2018
From: Singapore
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