Subject: Need advice for selection of disc brakes

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Need advice for selection of disc brakes

Posted on: 17th Aug 2018 10:04 PM    Quote and Reply

Decided to get a set of XT. Thanks.

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Posted on: 16th Aug 2018 5:39 PM    Quote and Reply

"Formerly posted by polar_dreamer: Is there anything between Shimano and Magura for disc brakes?
Maybe XT or Saint vs MT7?

Bigger rotors needs to offset e calipers right? Does it come standard? 
Rotors are standard across brands?


Not sure about your bike but might need an adaptor for bigger rotors and though they they are standard the way they fasten to hubs vary? Check if your bike hub uses bolts or "centerlock" to fasten rotors in ^^

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Posted on: 16th Aug 2018 10:38 AM    Quote and Reply

I would agree if use in car or motorcycle which are much more faster to have larger effective braking radius and bigger disc has better heat dissipation to avoid fuild boiling. i would think all these are just marketing gimmicks. The same technilogy applied in bicycle are at least 3 times more expensive than in other vechicles

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Posted on: 16th Aug 2018 10:19 AM    Quote and Reply

Larger rotor means that the brake torque is higher is the same force is applied on it as compared to a small rotor. This is because brake torque is directly proportional to radius of the rotor.

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Posted on: 16th Aug 2018 9:52 AM    Quote and Reply

Perhaps Fred Flintstone can brake better with his feet

Don't see how a bigger brake disc (rotor) can be much more effective than a standand disc in a bicycle given the weight and speed. I would go for bigger brake pad instead.

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Posted on: 15th Aug 2018 12:28 AM        

I am currently riding the Tern Cargo Node, frequently carrying my daughter along. The stock disc brakes gave up and I like to replace them. 

The riding weight (me and my daughter and child seat etc) will be in excess of 100kg. 

What will be a pair of disc brake set that has good power, modulation and reliable/hassle free? 
I prefer mineral oil options and does not need to change out my 24" stock rims. I will appreciate tool-less adjustments. 

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