Subject: Weekend Riding ?

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Weekend Riding ?

Posted on: 27th Jul 2018 1:50 PM    Quote and Reply

The physical stress of riding a bike depends on many factors the easiest ride would be on a flat smooth surface with a comfortable cruiser wide handles, low seat an upright position write my coursework now. In terms of fitness to the difficulty can be greater if you're going for speed or more extreme off-road. 

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Posted on: 10th Apr 2015 12:17 PM    Quote and Reply

i am going from bukit timah to view the bike shops along the way till around lavender area mighty velo  and back again

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Posted on: 9th Apr 2015 11:29 PM        

Hi all

I am a new rider, this weekend I'll be riding my college classmates go to the park. What are you going to?

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