Subject: My unstable fixie rear wheel

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My unstable fixie rear wheel

Posted on: 4th Jan 2018 4:44 PM    Quote and Reply

apply some grease after some time chain will get loose automatically.

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Posted on: 24th Aug 2016 12:32 AM    Quote and Reply

If you pull the wheel back to tighten the chain slack, make sure you loosen the coaster brake bracket so that you can pull it backwards at the same time too. 

Alternatively you can purchase chain tensioners, for sure the wheel will not be unstable anymore. 

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Posted on: 23rd Aug 2016 8:52 PM        

Guys i bought a fixie 2 months ago, after awhile i noticed that at a certain speed my back wheel becomes a little unstable, it is a coastal brake so i was wondering if the coastal brakes have to do with the unstable wheel. i tug my chain and theres a little allowance and i did the same to another fixed gear and its chain was so tight till its impossible for it to go out of shape

23rd Aug 2016
From: Singapore
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